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Marriage is one of God's beautiful creation. It is meant for the good of man but because of the imperfect nature of man, marriage could be tough, devastating, and heartbreaking. Our goal is to work this life journey with you and help you enjoy your marital relationship the way God intended. We have courses that will guide you in making the marital choices and offer F2F seminars covering pre and post marriage as well as mediation and reconciliation counselling. Our goal is to walk with you in building foundations for a beautiful and lasting marriage.


Browse through our short courses to spice up your marriage.

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Our method is Principled, Biblical, Real -to-life and its aimed at building a foundation to a loving and lasting marriage as well as mending broken relationships. Sign up for the next available date, give it a trial  and you will be glad you did.

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Life can be tough and very challenging. Sometimes we are betrayed by the people we love. The people we thought will be there for us. Instead of been there, they manipulated us, cheated on us, stole from us, etc. However, …is reconciliation possible, can love to be rekindled? Yes, with the right steps, skills, and more importantly, God’s help. One of the best thing that can happen to an adult is to have joy in marriage. It is possible to live in love and be at peace with the one you love. It takes practice; it takes skills. We can show you how. Book a time with us; let's walk the steps with you.


We are not just about marriage and family life only. Do you need counsel for work, finances, parenting, friendship, crisis management??? We can help!!! Book a time with us.

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