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When you feel like getting angry but cannot.

Supporting our loved ones

Have you ever been in a situation when naturally you should be angry, but you cannot because you need to support your loved one??

My daughter was going to write a state exam. I had checked with her the two days before as well as the day before the exam if she had all that she needed, and her answer was yes. I work night shift and unfortunately, I had to go to work the night before the exam. We agreed that I would call my daughter early the exam morning to wake her up since my hubby had traveled and I did. I came back home; she was still not ready. Well, she rushed down a few minutes later to meet her friend, who was driving them to the exam center.

As she walked passed me, I prayed for her, I asked if she got all she needed, and she said yes. Immediately I left her, and I just hoped that she has everything. I was going out in 1 hr and had to get my little ones ready for the day. I was in the bathroom, getting their water ready when my phone rang. It was my daughter!!! I knew it she has forgotten something. How am I going to drive to the exam center, which is 18 minutes away and back and still make my 1 hr appointment?

I bundled both my little ones into the car, and off we went. I was angry, patting my legs and regretting all that was happening as I drove to the exam center. We made it safely, BUT I could not show my anger to my daughter WHY?? She has an exam to write; It is not expedient for me to destabilize her mood and make her angry, apprehensive etc. I controlled my temper, hugged her instead and off to face the day

How many times have our actions pull down our loved ones and friends instead of supporting them? In most circumstances that come our way, we can choose our response. You can choose to be angry or irritated; you can choose to be happy or sad; you can choose to be joyful or sorrowful. Nobody can make you angry except you allow it. Make the right choice today; it will save yourself and your loved one. Jesus can help you make the right decisions. Cling to Him today.

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