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Raising Godly Children

God want us to raise godly kids for Him, but we cannot give what we do not have. How can we raise godly kids when we have personal issues? How can we demand that our children have personal time alone with God when we consistently skip time with Him? Godliness must begin with the parents. Sometimes I am just too tired to have family devotions with my children especially when my husband in not around. I feel like one day will not matter but thank God for the Holy Spirit He will always remind me, convince me of the need for the family devotions and enable me to have the devotions.

Parenting requires discipline, determination, conscious decision to following the Lord, listening to Him, and depending on Him to guide and help us parent correctly. There are many examples of bad parenting in the scriptures. Isaac and Rebecca loved different children and had different agenda for their children. David was not careful and vigilant enough, he sent Tamar to her place of doom. Eli and Samuel though minsters of God could not raise children that will take over from them to lead he people of God. Today there are also several stories of Christians whose children do not know the Lord nor believe in Him.

It is sad that children that grow up in the church turns away from the same gospel they were initially taught. How will I raise godly children for my king and maker? How can I ensure that whether I am there or not my kids follow the Lord? I believe the scriptures, I believe “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it’” (Proverbs 22: 6 NASB). How do we train, in what way should we position the child so that he does not depart from it?

My leanings

1. Start even before they are born. Pray for them. Dedicate them to the Lord. Prayer works wonders.

2. As soon as they are born teach them the word of God. Have consistent, affective family devotions.

3. Be there for them. Be available to answer their questions. Prioritize showing them the way of the Lord.

4. Take them to church, monitor their learning progress.

5. Show them the example of a believer. Be their example.

6. Completely depend on the Holy Spirit, and teach them how

God is our helper, He is the source of wisdom needed to parent correctly.

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This is really wonderful and inspiring..

May Almighty God help me to be the best!

More Grace Sir

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