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For women like me who have gone through or are going through multiple pains

I thought the Bible said affliction would not arise the second time, then why am I going through the same pain, precisely the same issue two times and in a row of one year.

Well, that is my story, the same pain two times. The unfortunate thing is that there seems to be nothing anyone can do to help me. I have knocked on several doors, but no help. There were good days and bad days. On good days I wake up with hope and aspirations that it will be a good day, I will find the solution and my pain will end. On bad days I wake up in tears, sorry for myself, not sure what the future hold, feel like doubting my faith and belief.

Today I felt a terrible pain in my left eye; I guessed that my blood pressure was high, I checked, it was. Hmmm, I hope 'am not knocking the door of sickness!!! I need to be healthy, I need to stand up for my self. The last time I was in this crises, the same thing happened, I had series of headaches, had to go to the hospital, my blood pressure was checked and it was high. I had to slow down and be strong, not just for my children but also for my hubby.

As I write now, I remember when I broke my engagement in college, I had three more semesters to go, and my grades were good, but all of a sudden!! The inevitable happened, and my fiance and I broke up. I was crushed; I could not focus on my studies anymore; it was a sorrowful and painful time for me. My grades dropped significantly, and I said to my self: "you will not be able to come back and rewrite the classes here. Whatever grade you finish with, you will have to live with it. Pick up yourself, go back to studying and finish strong". It was tough, but I did. Little-by-little I picked up my self, try to pretend to put the past behind me and though my overall grade kind of dropped a little, it was still within the desired range

You can be strong despite your current scenario. Issues happen, and we fix it. Some we can't fix ourselves, some we get help, and some never get fixed, and we live with them. Whatever your case, wake up today with the assurance that there is no pain or trouble you and God cannot handle. HE has promised not to tempt us beyond what we can handle (I Cor 10: 13). If He allows us to go through it, He is there to help us get over it and get better at it.

Several times it does not feel that way though, but I have learnt that "God's silence is not rejection but an opportunity to know Him better". Though it does not feel like that now (I Pet 1: 8-9) yet believe, hold on to Him. It will soon be over, and you will look back and rejoice. We can walk through this tough time together. It's only an email away. You can write Let us learn from our successes and failures together.

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